Goodwill in Accounting Meaning, Valuation, Examples

types of goodwill

Evaluating goodwill is a challenging but critical skill for many investors. After all, when reading a company’s balance sheet, it can be very difficult to tell whether the goodwill it claims to hold is in fact justified. For example, a company might claim that its goodwill is based on the brand recognition and customer loyalty of the company it acquired. Goodwill has an indefinite life, while most other intangible assets have a finite useful life. Also, the valuation of self-generated goodwill is subjective & is not to be recorded in the books of accounts as it is an unidentifiable resource.

Which type of goodwill is best?

Cat Goodwill – This type of goodwill is considered best. In cat goodwill, the customers are loyal to the brand or the organisation. The persons who conduct business don't concern them.

Credit Card Reward points are types of incentives that customers receive when they use a credit car… It can arise from reputation, brand equity, and brand loyalty, which makes a company valuable. It cannot be separated from the business and therefore cannot be sold like other identifiable and separable assets, without disposing off the business as a whole. It types of goodwill does not include identifiable assets which can be sold separately or divided from the commercial entity and licensed, rented, transferred, sold, or exchanged. Image created by Market Business News.When a company is being acquired by another one for a premium value, that amount, above what it is believed to be truly worth – its book value – is known as goodwill.


I) Inherent Goodwill – Inherent Goodwill refers to the goodwill that is generated by a company internally, over the years which is also termed non-purchased & self-generated goodwill. It is the value of the business over and above the value of its net assets. It is a business term that describes the bargain price when a firm buys a company or its assets for less than its fair market value. A negative value typically signifies that the selling party has financial difficulties or has filed for bankruptcy. First, as stated in the transaction contract, ascertain the consideration paid by the purchaser to the seller. The purchaser can use shares, cash, or payment-in-kind to pay the consideration.

Goodwill means the ‘Good-Name’ or the reputation of the firm. The management and employees earn this by their hard work and honesty. It is like a magnet that attracts the customers towards the business. It helps in earning higher profits in comparison to the normal profits earned by the other firms in the same line of business. It is also noteworthy that calculating goodwill doesn’t consider identifiable assets like legal rights, contracts, separated assets, divided, etc. So whenever you are going for a business acquisition, you must consider factors like customer relations, brand identity, customer loyalty, and staff satisfaction to assure purchases are made at a reasonable price.

Types of goodwill

It is a value premium that a company receives from its products or services compared to another product or service in the same industry. This is one of the parts of the premium paid as goodwill by one company to another company during acquisition. The main types of intangible assets are goodwill, brand equity, Intellectual properties , licensing, Customer lists, and R&D.

types of goodwill

The purchaser will therefore usually try to keep the allocation to goodwill as small as possible. Goodwill is completely different from physical assets like buildings and equipment. It is an intangible asset that is recorded under the long-term assets of the acquirer’s balance sheet.

What Factors Affect the Goodwill of a Company?

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  • Over the years, there has been some dissatisfaction expressed with the way that goodwill is handled for accounting purposes.
  • The main types of intangible assets are goodwill, brand equity, Intellectual properties , licensing, Customer lists, and R&D.
  • Other intangible assets, like licenses, can be purchased or sold separately.
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  • There are customers who neither attract value to the owner nor shop but to the nearness of the shop.
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