Progressive Web App Explained with Examples

This company favors a new phenomenon in the digital economy when the company does not produce anything but becomes a digital intermediary between the seller and the buyer. As you can see, progressive web apps have undeniable benefits for customers. By using standard progressive web App techniques, you can have your users install your web App on their device, via your website and by the Microsoft Store. When your App starts, the address book downloads and syncs with your current data in the background. Whilst this is happening, the user wanders around the App, performing some other tasks.

progressive web apps examples

Otherwise, the user experience could be as frustrating as Ankita Masand’s ordeal with ordering a cake as she describes in her article about the pain points of PWAs. The service workers enable the offline usage of the PWA by fetching cached data or informing the user about the absence of an Internet connection. The service workers also retrieve the latest data once the server connection is restored. You’ll also find example code or references to more specific guides so you can implement these tips to your PWA. Progressive web applications are proven to raise user engagement and keep the costs down effectively.

Five ways a PWA can improve the mobile shopping experience

We have mentioned that PWAs operate differently from both websites and native apps. Now is a good time to take a closer look at some of the underlying tech. This will help us gain a better understanding of the scope and true potential of PWA. Platform-agnostic apps are an efficient alternative to building and maintaining separate native apps for the web, iOS, and Android. Progressive Web Apps are designed to provide the best possible user experience that is especially powerful for mobile device users.

With a focus on learning from recordings, Soundslice also has a store that sells lessons and transcriptions. Beginning in the early 2010s dynamic web pages allowed web technologies to be used to create interactive web applications. Responsive web design, and the screen-size flexibility it provides, made PWA development more accessible.

User Benefits of a PWA

They are also increasingly using these devices to make online purchases. As mobile adoption continues to grow and drive online access rates around the world, mobile apps and sites are essential for brands looking to reach new customers progressive web apps and improve mobile engagement. Fewer API requests reduce your need for server capacity and bandwidth to support your application. Your customers will also use less of their mobile data plan while browsing your web app.

  • Soundslice is the advanced music education software on the web that revolutionizes how musicians learn and practice music.
  • There’s no need to download the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • The service workers enable the offline usage of the PWA by fetching cached data or informing the user about the absence of an Internet connection.
  • Compared with their previous mobile site, MakeMyTrip drove a 160% increase in user sessions and lowered the bounce rate by 20%.

Starbucks is also an example of one of the best PWAs that started its mobile ordering app in 2015. But it was not suitable for developing markets like rural societies, where internet connections are slow and less reliable. Its adaptation to signups and mobile app installations are roughly 1%, which is why it switched to Progressive web technology from mobile website. Progressive web apps are planned to function on a browser that is compliant with suitable web standards. As with some other cross-platform resolutions, the aim is to assist the developers to develop cross-platform apps more effortlessly.

Debenhams: 40% increase in mobile revenue

According to the statistics of 2022, the bounce rate of Jumia is 48.83%, and the bounce rate of OLX is 31.93% respectively. Given that, online marketplace owners make customer engagement their top priority. For example, according to the ACA study in 2022, 83% of consumers are ready to support a company offering great customer experience, up 4% from 2021 (79%). By bringing the native experience in a super-lightweight web app, Uber has enabled quick ride requests regardless of location, network speed, and device. The core app of only 50kB allows it to load within 3 seconds on 2G networks.

progressive web apps examples

However, it’s worth remembering that the level of poor connectivity that an individual App will tolerate depends entirely on the function of the App. Progressive web Apps should work on any web browser and progressively enhance themselves for browsers with more features. Also, most browsers will give a beforeinstallprompt event that will directly enable installation from your PWA. This comprehensive guide seeks to explain progressive web Apps, discussing how they work, PWA benefits, progressive web App design and why you should consider moving to a progressive web App. Google Lighthouse is a open-source software so that anyone can use it on any webpage.

Web App manifest

Apart from that, they needed to provide consistent, individually-tailored customer service. You need to generate a simple JSON file which provides the browser with information about the look and behavior of your PWA, once installed on a user’s mobile device. The main benefits of implementing PWA include improved speed and performance, app-like UX and multi-platform usage. However, those are just a few examples from a broad pool of PWA advantages. Telegram’s progressive web app has an open API which makes it faster and responsive for both Android and iOS devices. Trivago, one of the most widely known hotel search engines, stepped up to change the mobile booking experience of users with its Progressive Web App.

progressive web apps examples

Let’s not forget that as of June 2020, Magento, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, no longer supports their Magento 1 version. This means that the eCommerce websites still running Magento 1 will no longer receive official support and updates. With this come decreasing functionality, higher maintenance costs, escalating security issues, end of PCI compliance. So, if you are looking at how to improve the user experience, especially for mobile device users, this is the right time to consider Progressive Web Apps.

Requirements to Get Started with PWA Development

These are the 3 most famous real-world examples of progressive apps to get inspired from/by. Alibaba is the world champion when it comes to the heavyweight Business-to-Business marketplaces. The company unites sellers and buyers from a great number of countries and stands out among other web application examples in this industry. You’ve probably used it today to share something of great value or to look at some cat pics.

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